ComicMonster will allow you to convert your comic book archive files (cbz, cbr, cb7) into PDF files.

It has a simple interface where you choose your archive files and a destination directory to put the resulting PDF files.

You can rearrange the images in a single archive file or delete images you want to exclude.

You can also work in a batch mode by converting entire directories at once.

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AuthorApril Arendsen

Chronos Notes offers a way to organize historical notes into a coherent, chronological timeline. Notes can be created in any order and Chronos Notes will arrange them into a timeline for you. 

Want to see the first world war mapped in time and place? What about the crusades? You can create any kind of historical events; Chronos Notes will help you organize them. 

You can navigate using the timeline or view events directly using the event list. Attaching tags to events will help you find them easily through filtering and search.

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AuthorApril Arendsen
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Piggy Penny can help you teach your young kids about money. At its base it is a money manager that allows kids to save up digital pennies in order to buy things they want. It's made mainly for younger children not older than 6 or 7. 

As their parents you control the addition of any new money either by editing their balances directly or by applying periodic allowance amounts. 

You are also in charge of deciding what things you kids can save for by creating money categories, i.e., a toy fund or a bike fund. 

Your kids can then move their money around between their individual funds and can spend from any of them too. 

This is a fully local application for now which means it's stored locally on an iPad or iPhone. In its next version it will be possible to use it across devices.

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AuthorApril Arendsen

Most task manager apps allow you to enter tasks, group them , assign priorities but Find Time goes one step further and will look in your calendar(s) for a time slot... automatically and then place the task in your calendar. We take a different view on your time , your calendar represents how you time is used and the free time available. To get stuff done why not also assign time in your calendar for tasks to ensure focus on... Find Time will do this for you. 

Setup you calendar(s) time windows , you can split work and personal tasks across calendar(s) , then you are ready to go. 


  1. Task dashboard - shows how you are tracking

  2. Automatically find a time slot in you calendar(s) and blocks the time

  3. Groups - keep your tasks together and can be assigned to any calendar you have setup, add as many as you like

  4. Priority - Assign a task a priority, basic ones are provided and you can add more as needed

  5. Look ahead - Define how long FindTime will look ahead in your calendar(s) for free time

  6. Supports all calendars types

  7. Automatically delete completed tasks after user specified time

  8. Task sorter

  9. Show / hide completed tasks/groups

  10. Notes added to a task will be recorded in calendar

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AuthorJan-Wouter Arendsen

KoalaboPro brings collaborative whiteboarding to the iPad, share a whiteboard with anybody on the same network. Use stickies and markers to collaborate on your project, LEAN engagement or SCRUM sessions. 

Save your whiteboards to images or save them on the device for another session. (KoalaboPro only)

Display the whiteboard on a beamer from the host (iPad 2 only) and have the clients manipulate it in real time. 

CouchApps advises the use of KoalaboPro (free) over Koalabo as Koalabo will no longer be updated.

KoalaboPro on iTunes

AuthorJan-Wouter Arendsen
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Ever had a recipe call for 100 grams of flour but you’re using measuring cups? Or you have run out of a spice and you want to know what you can use instead? Or perhaps you have a recipe calling for a square cake pan but you want to use two round pans. 

The Kitchen Buddy has you covered. 

In one application you can convert measurements, determine how to substitute different sizes and shapes of pans, even how to replace one ingredient with another. Kitchen Buddy includes more than 2500 different ingredients with descriptions, alternate names, and potential substitutions in addition to managing a myriad of conversions. 

Kitchen Buddy is the baker’s best friend.

KitchenBuddy on iTunes

AuthorJan-Wouter Arendsen
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