Bookworm is an application for finding books. It connects with Amazon to provide a random selection of books from a category you select or alternatively you can let Bookworm select a random category. You can read a book’s description and reviews and buy the book through Amazon or a Amazon partner. Bookworml is integrated with Amazon’s US and UK sites.





Using the Shelf


Shelves are used to find and display books based on your category and subcategory selections. You can open as many shelf windows as you like and each window can have multiple shelves.


Category and subcategory - You must select a category and (if desired) a subcategory before you will be able to start getting books. After selecting your category and subcategory you will be able to push the start a shelf button.

Random category and subcategory - If you do not want to select a category or subcategory, this button will randomly choose one for you. Push it again to change the selection.

Refresh - This button clears this shelf window and get a new set of books from Amazon. The number of books returned is dependent on your preference settings

Add more books - Add more books to this shelf in the selected category and sub-category

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.25.10 AM.png


Clicking on a book image will open a tab about that book. You will see a description, any reviews, and the purchasing options from Amazon. Right clicking on a book image will allow you to add a shelf tab for this author or a shelf window of similar books. 

Right clicking on the book image will allow you to add similar or author shelves. The book menu will show you options for new shelves or purchase options when you are on the purchase tab.


Region - The region determine which Amazon store you are shopping from. You can choose between US and UK. If you do not live in the US or UK, you can still shop either store but be mindful, not all books and formats are available outside of the region. If you are shopping for Kindle books and do not live in the UK, you can probably best use the US store.

Minimum Books Per Shelf - The minimum books per shelf setting determines the minimum number of books returned when you fill a shelf from a category and/or subcategory combination. 

Update categories every xx days - The books returned by the application are always based on category and/or subcategory settings. Sometimes Amazon changes the available categories. When this happens, the application will need to retrieve the updated categories. This setting will automatically retrieve categories on the schedule you set.  

Update Categories button - This button will update the categories when pushed. You can use this option to retrieve categories on demand if you do not want to use the automatic update.