Find Time

Most task manager apps allow you to enter tasks, group them , assign priorities but Find Time goes one step further and will look in your calendar(s) for a time slot... automatically and then place the task in your calendar. We take a different view on your time , your calendar represents how you time is used and the free time available. To get stuff done why not also assign time in your calendar for tasks to ensure focus on... Find Time will do this for you. 

Setup you calendar(s) time windows , you can split work and personal tasks across calendar(s) , then you are ready to go. 

1.Task dashboard - shows how you are tracking 
2.Automatically find a time slot in you calendar(s) and blocks the time 
3.Groups - keep your tasks together and can be assigned to any calendar you have setup, add as many as you like 
4.Priority - Assign a task a priority, basic ones are provided and you can add more as needed 
5.Look ahead - Define how long FindTime will look ahead in your calendar(s) for free time 
6.Supports all calendars types 
7.Automatically delete completed tasks after user specified time 
8.Task sorter 
9.Show / hide completed tasks/groups 
10. Notes added to a task will be recorded in calendar


Task List Views


You will have the option to view tasks in a graphical view or in a list view. The dashboard view displays a graph that will allow you to view tasks by colour.

  • Red shows tasks that are overdue.
  • Yellow shows tasks that are either due in the next 24 hours or that are planned for a date after they are due.
  • Green shows tasks that are due in the next 7 days
  • Blue shows tasks that have been completed in the last 7 days.

The all tasks option will display the task list view.

The settings button will allow you to view or change settings.


The task list view displays all tasks according to the selected sort option (by due date or by priority).

The coloured button to the left is a status button. Clicking it will switch the task from complete to incomplete.

The clock you see in some of the status buttons indicates this task has a planned time in one of your calendars.

The buttons you see in the toolbar have the below purposes:

  • View/edit settings
  • Change grouping between grouping by group name or due date
  • Show or hide completed tasks
  • Change sort between priority and due date

Task Detail View

task detail.png

This is the task detail view. You can set all task values here. 

You need to select a duration of at least 30 minutes and a future due date before it will be possible to select a calendar slot date. The plan date will put an event in your calendar with the expectation that you will use the planned time to complete this task.

Setting the group helps to organise your tasks. 




  • Alerts will pop up informational alerts.
  • Autoselect Timeslot will automatically find a free slot in your calendar on the plan screen
  • Dashboard style will allow you to choose a dashboard style: no chart, bar chart, or pie chart
  • Task Event Alarm will add a 15 minute notification to each calendar event..


  • Look ahead is the number of days to look ahead in your calendars when planning events.
  • Delete Complete After is for auto-deleting tasks some number of days after they are completed.


Click on the item to edit the name of the priority or group.

The calendar button on the groups will allow you to set a default calendar that will be applied to any tasks that has the attached group.