Piggy Penny

Piggy Penny can help you teach your young kids about money. At its base it is a money manager that allows kids to save up digital pennies in order to buy things they want. It's made mainly for younger children not older than 6 or 7. 

As their parents you control the addition of any new money either by editing their balances directly or by applying periodic allowance amounts. 

You are also in charge of deciding what things you kids can save for by creating money categories, i.e., a toy fund or a bike fund. 

Your kids can then move their money around between their individual funds and can spend from any of them too. 

This is a fully local application for now which means it's stored locally on an iPad or iPhone. In its next version it will be possible to use it across devices.


Start Screen

To reach the configuration for Piggy Penny, tap the configuration button at the top right

Access a piggy bank by taping the user.


Configure Piggy Penny

main admin page and user.png

Avatars and Currency

The tick mark next to an avatar means it's available to use. Selecting an avatar will toggle the tick mark

The tick mark next to an avatar means it's available to use. Selecting an avatar will toggle the tick mark

Change the currency by selecting the one you want to use.

Editing Account Types

Images for account types can be selected from the Piggy Penny images, the camera roll, Flickr, or you can snap a new photo. When searching Flickr you can edit the search term which is drawn from the account type name.


Configure Child Users

main admin page and user.png

Tap the user image to change the avatar. The image can be one of the Piggy Penny avatars, an image from the camera roll or you can snap a new picture.

Tap the user name to edit name

Tap the balance value to edit balance

Tap the + sign next to a fund to add to this user

Tap set password to change the user's password

Tap an allowance to edit/add allowance

Tap view transactions to see this user's transactions.

Edit Allowance

Edit user allowance
Choose when allowance is paid.

View Child's Transactions

View user transactions

Child Actions

Transfer between funds


Spend money

Change Password

A password in Piggy Penny is a sequence of 4 coloured stars.