Koalabo is actually two applications, Koalabo and KoalaboPro. Both work in the same way but KoalaboPro has additional save functionality. 

Koalabo is used for collaborative whiteboarding on the iPad. It has marker and pen drawing along with titles and stickies.

One iPad acts as host passing new drawing elements to the connected iPads. Any member of a collaborative session can contribute to the shared drawing. 

As of version 3.0 of the application, Koalabo will be discontinued and a free version of KoalaboPro will be offered.



The toolbox sits at the bottom of the whiteboard and holds the tools you can use for drawing. The available tools are markers, pens, stickies and titles. You will also notice the info button in the bottom right. That button will take you to the collaboration and drawing option panels. Lastly, the map (the black bordered box with the red internal box) shows you where you are in the drawing. The map is the image of the drawing and the red box indicates which part of the drawing is on the screen. Tapping on the map will bring up a snapshot of the full drawing on the screen. Tap the map again to close the snapshot.

A red star appearing underneath a tool indicates that tool is active. To change the tool, tap another one.

To move around the drawing, use two fingers and scroll.

Using the tools:

  • When marker or pen tool is selected you can draw on the board with one finger. Tapping the screen will make a dot.
  • When the title or sticky tool is selected, taping the screen will create a title or sticky
  • Titles and stickies can be moved by dragging with one finger.
  • Titles and stickies can be deleted by tapping the red x in the top left corner.
  • Change the text of a title or sticky by tapping and using the keyboard.
  • The sticky color can be changed by using the info button in the bottom right corner of the sticky.


Collaboration options are displayed by tapping the info button on the drawing. You can host a session or you can join a session hosted by someone else. Your current status will be displayed at the top of the collaboration panel. On the whiteboard toolbox you will see a puzzle image next to the map when you are hosting or when you are a participant in a session.

To collaborate with others, select participant as your sharing status. To join an active session tap on one of the available hosts. If you prefer to host your own session, choose host as your sharing status. This will allow other people to connect to you.

You can change your name if desired as long as you are not hosting or not connected to a host. You can do this by taping the iPad Name.

The alert switch is to turn on or off informational alerts. For example, when the switch is on, you will receive alerts when saving is complete. Critical alerts will appear regardless of whether alerts are on or off. 

As a participant, you can disconnect from the session or ask for a drawing refresh. The new drawing and open a saved drawing will be turned off.

As a host, you can disconnect participants and you are in charge of loading existing drawings and creating new drawings.

N.B. If you send Koalabo to the background while in collaboration mode you will be disconnected from any collaborative session you are in. This is particularly important if you are the host.

Not connected with arrows.png
client and host.png

Drawing Options

You will notice three areas of the drawing panel. 

  • Create a new drawing: Taping create drawing will open a dialog for choosing the size.
  • View/save the existing drawing: If you have upgraded to enable saving you will have the option to save this drawing or an image of this drawing.
    • A saved drawing can be reloaded and you can continue to edit it.
    • A saved image is deposited into your camera roll
  • Load a previously saved drawing (only with upgrade): Tapping on the drawing will load it. Drawings are arranged with the most recently saved on top.
drawing with arrows.png

If you have not purchased the upgrade to enable saving, you will see options to restore previously made purchases and an option to upgrade to allow saving. If you choose one of these options, you will be asked for your Apple id and password.

If you are using the original Koalabo application or a free version of KoalaboPro, you will notice ads appearing on the collaboration/drawing options screen. These ads will disappear if you upgrade to enable saving.