Kitchen Buddy

Kitchen Buddy is your conversion helper in for cooking and baking.

It can help you convert imperial to metric.

It can help you convert weight to volume.

It can help you choose a cake pan.

It can help you find a substitute ingredient when you don’t have the one your recipe calls for.


Measurement conversion


There are two tabs for measurement conversion.

The first tab is for weight and volume conversions. The ingredients listed in bold have a weight/volume conversion available. First choose your ingredient and then you can convert weights and volumes (as well as see other details about the ingredient)

The second tab is for simple conversions. Metric to imperial and vice versa.


Pan Selection

In some cases you can choose a different cake pan than a recipe calls for. This tab will help you do that with instructions and reasonable trades.

Event View

Event View

 Ingredient Substitution

This tab is the most extensive of the application. It will help you determine how you might use a different ingredient than the one the recipe calls for.

Choose an ingredient to see a description, photo, and instructions for substituting another ingredient.