Most task manager apps allow you to enter tasks, group them , assign priorities but Find Time goes one step further and will look in your calendar(s) for a time slot... automatically and then place the task in your calendar. We take a different view on your time , your calendar represents how you time is used and the free time available. To get stuff done why not also assign time in your calendar for tasks to ensure focus on... Find Time will do this for you. 

Setup you calendar(s) time windows , you can split work and personal tasks across calendar(s) , then you are ready to go. 


  1. Task dashboard - shows how you are tracking 
  2. Automatically find a time slot in you calendar(s) and blocks the time 
  3. Groups - keep your tasks together and can be assigned to any calendar you have setup, add as many as you like 
  4. Priority - Assign a task a priority, basic ones are provided and you can add more as needed 
  5. Look ahead - Define how long FindTime will look ahead in your calendar(s) for free time 
  6. Supports all calendars types 
  7. Automatically delete completed tasks after user specified time 
  8. Task sorter 
  9. Show / hide completed tasks/groups 
  10. Notes added to a task will be recorded in calendar

Find Time on iTunes

AuthorJan-Wouter Arendsen